Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

You can click on any prospect in your Sourcing Automation campaign pools to review their recent activity and track their progress in your campaigns.

Open the prospect activity panel

From your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard, navigate to the CRM tab.

Scroll to My active campaign pools, then click See all.

Click to open the campaign pool where you want to review prospect activity.

Navigate to the Prospects tab in your campaign pool.

Click on any prospect to open the prospect activity panel and review their details.

Product manager campaign pool page with prospect row highlighted and activity panel opened

Review prospect campaign activity

When you open a prospect's activity panel, you'll see a list of their interactions with your campaign pool steps.

Note: Activity is ordered chronologically, with the most recent activity listed first.

Upcoming campaign activity displays:

  • Automated emails that are scheduled to send to prospects
  • Upcoming tasks you'll need to complete

Past campaign activity shows activities related to this prospect that have already taken place.

Prospect activity panel with upcoming and past activities listed

Click See more under any sent message or prospect reply to open the entire message in your prospect's profile.

Sent message activity in activity panel with See more button highlighted

Available campaign activity

The following tables outline past and upcoming campaign activities that may appear in your prospect's activity panel.

Past campaign activity

Activity Description
Prospect added This prospect was added to your campaign pool
Sent an email Your campaign pool sent a message to this prospect
Opened email This prospect opened a campaign message
Clicked email This prospect clicked a campaign message
Completed task A task was completed for this prospect
Task skipped This task was skipped
Replied to an email This prospect replied to your campaign message
Booked meeting You've booked a meeting with this prospect
Prospect paused This prospect is currently paused in your campaign pool
Email bounced This campaign message bounced and didn't reach your prospect's inbox
Prospect unsubscribed You've unsubscribed this prospect from your campaign pool

Upcoming campaign activity

Activity Description
Task to complete You'll need to complete this task to continue your prospect through the campaign pool
Automated email A scheduled campaign message will be sent to your prospect soon

Perform quick actions in the prospect activity panel

Sourcing Automation admins, campaign pool owners, and Sourcing Automation users with edit access to campaign pools can perform quick actions from within the prospect activity panel.

Note: Sourcing Automation users with view-only access to a campaign pool won't have access to quick actions in the prospect activity panel.

Click the three dots on the top-left corner of the side panel.

Three dots quick actions icon highlighted on prospect side panel

Use the dropdown menu to select one of the following quick actions for this prospect:

  • Set replied / remove reply
  • Set booked / remove booked
  • Assign sentiment
  • Unsubscribe prospect

Note: Quick actions vary depending on your prospect's current status. For example, you can only assign a sentiment to prospects already set as replied or booked.

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