Inclusively’s Workforce Inclusion Platform helps employers unlock the power of today’s workforce by opening doors to untapped talent.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Inclusively reduces issues and time with manual job ingestion and candidate submittal, providing a quick and efficient way for potential candidates to apply to jobs.

Create a Harvest API key for the Inclusively integration

To configure the Greenhouse Recruiting / Inclusively integration, you’ll need to create a Harvest API key.

Follow the steps in this article to create the key, and verify that the permissions below are selected when configuring the Inclusively integration. Be sure to save the API key as you will need to paste it into Inclusively in the next step.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API Type: Harvest
  • Partner: Inclusively or Unlisted Vendor
  • Description: Inclusively Harvest API Key


Verify that the following permissions are selected for the Inclusively integration:

Activity Feed

  • GET: Retrieve Activity Feed


  • GET: Retrieve Application
  • GET: List Applications
  • PATCH: Update Application
  • POST: Advance Application
  • POST: Add Attachment to Application
  • PATCH: Convert a Prospect


  • GET: Retrieve Candidate
  • GET: List Candidates
  • POST: Add Candidate
  • PATCH: Edit Candidate
  • POST: Add E-mail
  • POST: Add Attachment
  • POST: Add Application
  • POST: Add Employment
  • POST: Add Prospect


  • GET: Retrieve Department
  • GET: List Departments


  • GET: Retrieve Job
  • GET: List Jobs
  • GET: Get hiring team

Job Openings

  • GET: List Openings For a Job

Job Posts

  • GET: List Job Posts
  • GET: Retrieve Job Post for Job
  • GET: List Job Posts for Job


  • GET: Retrieve Office
  • GET: List Offices


  • GET: List Sources


  • GET: Retrieve User
  • GET: List Users

Save when finished. 

Provide Harvest API Key to Inclusively

After configuring your Inclusively API key in Greenhouse Recruiting, you'll need to provide the key to Inclusively to complete setup. 

Note: The user setting up the Greenhouse Recruiting / Inclusively integration must have an email address that matches their email within the organization's Inclusively account.

To provide your key, navigate to Inclusively > Company Profile and select ATS Integration.

Click Link ATS.


From the list of ATS's, select Greenhouse Recruiting. Review the access request and click Continue.


Enter your Greenhouse API Key. 


When finished, click Submit.

Use the Inclusively integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

The Greenhouse Recruiting / Inclusively integration is an API-driven integration and there is little to be seen within the Inclusively platform other than the above ATS linking. This integration provides the following functionality:

  • Automatic Job Ingestion from Greenhouse, currently nightly.
  • All Jobs are kept in sync, including adding new or remove non active jobs
  • Candidates are directly submitted to Greenhouse upon connecting to a job
  • Candidate name and contact information
  • Inclusively Candidate Resume

Inclusively adds information for the application process also. During this process Inclusively will add new candidates as Prospects. Prospects then get converted into Candidates when the Application is added, linking the Prospect to a Job. The last step is to add an attachment to the candidate.

Note: The user who enables the Inclusively integration for the company will be set up as the “On-behalf-of” user Inclusively uses for all data changes made to submit candidates. If you do not want a particular user, Inclusively suggests setting up a service user for this.

For example, you can create a user called “Inclusively Automation”, with a corresponding email address Inclusively can use to link Greenhouse accounts to Inclusively accounts. Steps to create a service user can be found here.

Sync candidates from Inclusively to Greenhouse Recruiting

When a candidate finds a job for one of Inclusively’s Greenhouse customers that they would like to connect to (our terminology for “apply) within the Inclusively platform, they click on the connect button on the job card:

After hitting Connect, candidates will be asked to confirm some information.

Once done, they'll click Send to send their application to the organization's Greenhouse Recruiting account.


Additional resources

For additional information or troubleshooting not covered here, reach out to