Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

The internal job board tile on your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard displays the most recent jobs posted to your organization's internal job board. 

Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard

You can use it to open a job post, open the internal job board, and set up email notifications to be alerted about new jobs.

Internal job board tile overview

By default, the internal job board tile displays the five most recent jobs posted to your internal job board.

To open a job post, click a job listed in the tile.

To see all jobs posted to your organization’s internal job board, click See all in the top right corner of the tile.

Internal job board tile with an orange box around the See all button

Jobs that were posted within the past seven days are automatically flagged as New.

Job title with a green flag next to it containing the word New

Site Admins can configure the tile to display each job's hiring manager and recruiter.


To move or hide the tile from your dashboard, use the Personalize Dashboard tool.

Note: Users with Basic access are unable to personalize their Dashboards.

Filter by department or office

By default, jobs from all departments and offices are shown in the tile.

If you’re only interested in specific jobs, you can narrow what's shown using the Department and Office dropdown menus. Select the departments and/or offices whose jobs you want to see.

Department and office dropdown menus

To remove one selection, click the X beside the entry.

An orange box highlighting the X next to a single entry

To clear all selections, click the X beside the drop down arrow.

An orange box highlighting the X to clear all selections

Turn on email notifications

An email containing new job posts is sent every Monday to those who turn on notifications. 


To turn on notifications, go to the Internal job board tile and click Notification settings.

Orange box highlighting the Notification settings buttons

In the window that opens, click the toggle to turn on email notifications.

Internal job board notifications settings window

By default, your weekly digest email will contain all new jobs.

If you only want to be notified about new jobs in select departments or offices, make your selections from the dropdown menus. You can choose as many department or office options as you'd like.

Orange box highlighting the Create your criteria section of the Internal job board notifications settings window

When finished, click Save.

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