Learn Greenhouse badges are credentials you earn when you complete badge-eligible courses in Learn Greenhouse. These digital badges verify your achievements and showcase your product skills.

Badges are issued and accessed online and can be shared on social media, in email signatures, and on personal websites or resumes. When you share and display a digital badge, you're showcasing your abilities in a simple, trusted, and verifiable way.



Earn your badge

The Greenhouse Collaborative hiring badge is now available through Learn Greenhouse. You can earn this badge by completing each course in the series.

After you've earned your badge, you’ll receive an email from our badge issuing partner, Credly (admin@credly.com). Click Accept your badge. This takes you to the Credly website, where you can create an account.



Note: Your badge is issued to the email address you used to register for Learn Greenhouse.


Create your Credly account

Complete the fields to create an account. After you click Create Account, you'll receive an email from Credly with instructions to confirm your email.

When prompted, sign in with the credentials you created.

Note: You can't sign into Credly until you confirm your email.


Claim your badge in Credly

Once you sign in, click Accept Badge in the top banner of the page.



Share your badge

From your Credly account, you can share your badge directly to social media, send it via email, or embed it on a website. You can also download and print your badge.

From your Credly dashboard, find the badge you want to share and click Share.



On the Share your badge page, choose the social media platform or method you want to use to share your badge. If prompted, follow the steps to connect your social account.


Frequently asked questions


Why do badges matter?

Representing your skills and achievements with digital badges lets you share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified. Other benefits include:

  • Curated educational experiences that up-level your Greenhouse knowledge
  • Added credibility to your professional profiles
  • Demonstration of your commitment to great hiring practices


What is Credly?

Greenhouse partners with credentialing vendor Credly to issue digital badges. Credly is the end-to-end solution for issuing and managing digital credentials. Credly works with credible organizations to provide digital credentials to people around the world.


Where can badges be shared?

You can share your badges wherever and with whomever you’d like, including on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, via email, in your email signature, or embedded on a website. You can also download and print your badge.

Anyone who clicks on your badge is taken to Credly, our badge issuing partner, to see the details of your achievement.


How do I earn a badge?

There are two steps to get started:

First, complete learning paths in Learn Greenhouse to earn your badge.

Then create an account in Credly to claim your badge.

For instructions on how to set up your Credly account and manage your badges, review our guidance here.


Where can I find my badge?

When you meet the requirements for earning a Greenhouse badge, you are issued a badge by Credly and invited to claim it. After creating your Credly account, you’ll be able to access and view your badge on your Credly profile page.


What badges are currently available?

The Collaborative hiring badge is available on-demand through Learn Greenhouse. This badge is issued when you complete a series of courses on foundational best practices in collaborative hiring through Greenhouse Recruiting.

Areas of focus include:

  • Collaborative sourcing
  • Collaborative interviewing
  • Collaborative decision-making
  • Collaborative reporting


Do I have to create a Credly account?

Yes, because you can't share a digital badge unless you have an account with a verified email. Linking a badge to a verified email address ensures your credentials cannot be claimed by anyone but you. This means anyone viewing the badge is able to verify that it was you who earned it.


Does my badge have to be public?

No, you are free to make your profile or an individual badge private. However, private profiles and badges are not verifiable, so if you tell someone you have a certification, but it's private, that person cannot verify its authenticity.


Is there a fee to use Credly?

No, Credly is free to use.


How do I know when to contact Credly versus Greenhouse for support?

Contact Credly for questions related to the Credly platform.

For questions related to badging with Greenhouse and course content, refer to Greenhouse Technical Support. 


Additional resources

Visit our Learn Greenhouse hub for on-demand tutorials, live training events and everything you need to grow with Greenhouse – all in one place.

You can also chat with us there or submit a question to our team.