Enable Sourcing Automation with Microsoft 365

Permissions: Microsoft 365 Admin

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Note: This article can only be completed by a Microsoft 365 Admin. This is typically a person in IT or Support Operations. 

Microsoft 365 needs to be enabled for your organization in order for users to authenticate their Outlook email address and utilize the Chrome extension for Sourcing Automation.

This article covers two methods for granting your organization access. 

Grant access while signing in to Microsoft 365

Note: In order to complete this step, you first need to be granted a Sourcing Automation seat by a Site Admin or Seat Admin. 

If you'd like to bypass receiving a seat, click here to use the alternative method of granting access through your Microsoft Azure Active Directory. 

Navigate to CRM from your Greenhouse Recruiting navigation bar.

Click Authenticate email in the My active campaign pools panel. 

the authenticate email button.png

Select any verified email address from the dropdown. Then, click Sign in with Microsoft.

the sign in with microsoft button.png

Follow the prompts to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Check the box, Consent on behalf of your organization. Then, click Accept

The _permission requested page for Microsoft 365.jpg

Your organization now has access to use Sourcing Automation with Microsoft 365. 

Grant access through Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  2. Click the All applications tab under the Manage section in the left panel
  3. Select Enterprise Applications from the Application type dropdown
  4. Use the search bar to locate Interseller in the application list. Once located, click Interseller to open the application
  5. Click the Properties tab under the Manage section in the left panel
  6. Toggle the button to Yes for the prompt, Enabled for users to sign-in?

Your organization now has access to use Sourcing Automation with Microsoft 365.