Draftboard is a three-sided talent marketplace where companies publicly post what they'll pay for a successful referral and Scouts (referrers) compete to earn the referral bonus by scouring their networks for the right talent.

Draftboard integrates with Greenhouse Recruiting so your talent team doesn’t have to learn a new tool – simply sign up and the applications will start flowing into Greenhouse Recruiting. Draftboard believes so much in the value they bring that they charge you nothing for access to Draftboard and never will - you only ever pay the referral bonus (which you control) upon hire, and not a cent more. When you’re happy (i.e., you’ve made a hire), Draftboard gets paid; when you’re not, Draftboard gets nothing.

Draftboard’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to easily and seamlessly list your jobs on Draftboard. It also allows users to source, access, engage, and track candidates from Draftboard.

Create a Harvest API key for the Draftboard / Greenhouse Recruiting integration

To configure the Draftboard integration, first request access by emailing support@draftboard.com or visiting draftboard.com/new-company. Then, you’ll need to create a Harvest API key.

Follow the steps in this article to create the key, and verify that the permissions below are selected when configuring the Draftboard integration.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API Type: Harvest
  • Partner: Draftboard or Unlisted Vendor
  • Description: Draftboard Harvest API Key


Verify that the following permissions are selected for the Draftboard integration:


  • POST: Add Attachment to Application
  • POST: Move Application
  • POST: Moves Application to Job
  • GET: Retrieve Application

Close Reasons

  • GET: Get close reasons

Custom Fields

  • POST: Create custom field
  • PATCH: Update custom field
  • GET: Get custom fields

Custom Field Options

  • PATCH: Update custom field options
  • GET: Custom field options
  • POST: Create custom field options

Custom Locations

  • GET: Retrieve Custom Location for Job Board


  • GET: List Departments


  • GET: List Jobs
  • GET: Retrieve Job

Job Openings

  • GET: List Openings For a Job

Job Posts

  • GET: Retrieve Job Post for Job
  • GET: List Job Posts for Job
  • GET: List Job Posts

Job Stages

  • GET: Retrieve Job Stage
  • GET: List Job Stages for Job
  • GET: List Job Stages


  • GET: List Application's Offers
  • GET: Retrieve Application's Current Offer
  • GET: Retrieve Offer
  • GET: List Offers


  • GET: List Offices
  • GET: Retrieve Office

Rejection Reasons

  • GET: List Rejection Reasons


  • PUT: Add a Candidate Tag
  • GET: List Tags Applied to Candidates
  • GET: List Candidate Tags
  • POST: Add New Candidate Tags

Tracking Links

  • GET: Retrieve Job Tracking Link

Once Draftboard has verified your company, we'll send you a unique link to create an account on Draftboard.

After you create your account you will be asked to provide basic company information like name and company website as well as provide your Harvest API Key. You can either follow the steps in this article or on the Draftboard website during the onboarding flow to create a Harvest API Key. 

Authenticate via OAuth

After Draftboard has successfully collected your Harvest API Key, you will be asked to authenticate via OAuth.

Click Give permissions to enter the OAuth workflow.

Enter the email address associated with your Greenhouse Recruiting account, then click Next Step.

Enter your Greenhouse Recruiting account password and click Authorize. You’ll be presented with a Success Modal and taken to your Draftboard Job Listings page where you can edit and manage the job listings you just imported!

Add candidates to Greenhouse Recruiting

Scouts (referrers) are the ones who will be sending qualified candidates to your Greenhouse Recruiting account. They will search their network for the right fit and manually approve any resumes before they get to your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

Use the Draftboard integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

The account you created during the Draftboard onboarding process will be the admin account for your company for Draftboard. That account will be able to manage the company on the Draftboard website.

Additional resources

For questions or troubleshooting help, reach out to support@draftboard.com.