If you're using the Calendly integration, but your interviews aren't syncing to Greenhouse Recruiting, a few troubleshooting steps can help get you back on track.

Did you add a Calendly link to your scheduling email?

The Calendly link is automatically generated when you send the Schedule with Calendly email, so you don't need to add a Calendly link to the email manually. 


If add an additional link, the candidate may have used that link to schedule. This means the interview will successfully appear on your calendar, but it won't sync to the candidate's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Tip: If an interview isn't syncing, delete it from your calendar and send a new Schedule with Calendly email. It's not possible to sync an interview to Greenhouse Recruiting if it was scheduled using your personal Calendly.

Is there a Calendly link in your email signature?

The Calendly link will be automatically generated when you send the Schedule with Calendly email. If any other Calendly links are in your email body, the candidate may schedule with the wrong one, and as a result, the event will appear on your personal calendar but may not sync to Greenhouse Recruiting.

Confirm that your email signature in Greenhouse Recruiting doesn't include a Calendly link. If it does, update your signature to remove the link.

If you've confirmed there isn't an additional link in your email body and your event still isn't syncing, reach out to Greenhouse Technical Support.