How do I sync an existing interview to the candidate profile?

In Greenhouse Recruiting, scheduling candidate interviews involves creating consensus (syncing) with an interview's time and place across three parties:

  • An interviewer's calendar
  • A candidate's calendar 
  • Greenhouse Recruiting

If an existing event is edited to ensure these three requirements are met, the event can seamlessly sync onto the candidate's profile without your team needing to start from scratch.

Manually sync an existing interview to a candidate profile

To sync an existing interview onto the candidate profile, follow the manual scheduling process to locate a specific interview kit URL along with your organization's assigned Greenhouse calendar email address to add to your existing event details. 

From your external calendar application (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.), open the interview and paste the copied interview details within the body of the event. 

Check that your Greenhouse calendar address is listed within the event attendees.

Once the interview details are confirmed, send out the updated invite, ensuring notification is sent to all guests.

The event will sync in Greenhouse shortly. 

Note: If the Greenhouse calendar email address is not included as an attendee and/or an update notification is not sent to all guests once the details are saved, the interview and any subsequent updates to it will not be reflected in Greenhouse Recruiting.