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Greenhouse Recruiting

TLS cipher suite deprecation notice

Greenhouse Software will deactivate support for two TLS cipher suites on February 27, 2023, across all public-facing applications including Greenhouse Recruiting, Greenhouse Onboarding, Business Intelligence Connector, job boards, and Harvest API. We're providing you notice now so that customers and partners can prepare. Learn more.

Track your progress toward company goals

The Goals report dashboard provides a one-stop view into your organization's progress toward company goals. Job Admins and above can use this dashboard to quickly monitor goal attainment and gain actionable insights for hiring strategies.

CRM & Events

Introducing step templates

Use email templates when configuring steps in your campaign pools to increase efficiency.

Bug fixes

  • Office and department IDs were not applied correctly when provisioning new Greenhouse Recruiting users with SCIM for Okta.
  • Candidates added through the Wellfound (formerly AngelList) integration did not appear on the All Candidates page when filtering by source.
  • Some organizations with a custom SMTP configuration experienced verification errors when attempting to update existing email domains with duplicate names.
  • Some users that are not Site Admins were assigned Site Admin permissions when included in a bulk permissions edit in Settings.
  • Users were unable to select interviewers by tag when scheduling a candidate interview.
  • Form questions linked to custom candidate fields did not indicate when they were required.