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Greenhouse Recruiting

TLS cipher suite deprecation notice

Greenhouse Software will deactivate support for two TLS cipher suites on February 27, 2023, across all public-facing applications including Greenhouse Recruiting, Greenhouse Onboarding, Business Intelligence Connector, job boards, and Harvest API.

We're providing you notice now so that customers and partners can prepare. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Some users were logged out of their chat windows when live troubleshooting with Greenhouse Support agents. 
  • New hire goals loaded incorrectly in Greenhouse Onboarding for candidates hired from jobs with configured Job Kickoff Forms in Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • The Reports tab returned inconsistent visibility displays when accessed in Greenhouse Onboarding.
  • Prospect posts were prevented from being added to CRM due to configured job post rules.
  • Some tasks listed in ad campaigns active within the Job Ad Market failed to render properly.
  • The Authentication page in Greenhouse Onboarding was inaccessible by properly credentialed users. 
  • Duplicate candidate applications in Greenhouse Recruiting failed to auto-merge for organizations with the Interseller integration also enabled. 
  • Edits to offices and departments with large organizational structures encountered timeout issues when being updated. 
  • Candidate tag creation entries weren't being logged within the Change Log. 
  • Some resumes uploaded through Maildrop failed to parse correctly.