The candidate profile is an essential part of Greenhouse Recruiting that centralizes all information and activities related to a candidate.

We recently updated the candidate profile based on your feedback, simplifying how you move from task to task and putting the most important details front and center. The new candidate profile is not only easier to use but also easier to learn, so you can more quickly onboard new members of your team.

The new candidate profile allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • Access and edit candidate and application details in less time using a new collapsible side panel.
  • Quickly view next steps with a new Tasks section.
  • Collaborate with your hiring team more effectively with intuitively placed notes, alerts, and reminders.

With the new candidate profile, your team works quicker and more efficiently to move candidates through the hiring process while utilizing hiring best practices.

Quick start guide

To help you get started, we've created a list of common actions you may perform in the candidate profile and how to accomplish them in the new design.

Action Steps
Find a candidate's resume

Click Resume on the right side of the header. 

You can also find the candidate's resume in the panel on the right side of the page under Candidate Icon-right-panel-Candidate.png or Application Icon-right-panel-Application.png > Documents.

Find candidate notes Click the Notes Icon-right-panel-Notes.png icon on the right side of the page. From the dropdown, select Public or Private notes.
See the full list of jobs a candidate is on Click the Candidate Icon-right-panel-Candidate.png icon on the right side of the page, then scroll down to All Jobs.
Determine if the candidate is a duplicate Click the Alerts Icon-right-panel-Alerts.png icon. If the candidate is a duplicate, an error message will display.
Navigate between candidates on the same job

Use the arrows in the top right corner of the candidate profile.

Go to a job's dashboard

From the navigational links in the top left corner, click the job name.

If you've recently viewed the job, you can also click on the job name in the Recently Viewed menu in the bottom right corner of any page.

View all jobs for a candidate

Open the tab on the right panel

Changes to the new candidate profile

The new candidate profile brings you a variety of improvements to navigation, organization, and design. The changes are divided into the following three areas:

  • An updated header, where you’ll find key candidate information and actions at a glance
  • An updated main panel, where you’ll take action on the majority of the candidate’s activities, like scheduling and reviewing scorecards
  • A new collapsible right panel, where you’ll manage candidate and application details and interact with the hiring team

View of the new candidate profile split into the header main panel and right panel

Changes to the header

See key candidate information, like name, tags, and referrer, in a glimpse.

New candidate profile header showing candidate name tags and referrer

Take quick actions like view resume, send an email, mark as private, and more.

New candidate profile quick actions menu

Easily navigate back to a job using the navigational links at the top of the page.

New candidate profile breadcrumbs that take you back to the job

Changes to the main panel

The main panel contains all the same key candidate activities as before with simplified navigation and workflow improvements.

A new high-level view of interview stages allows you to navigate between stages with ease.

New candidate profile stages tab

Take control of your to-do list with a new Tasks section.

Tasks section of an interview stage

Scorecards are simpler than ever before, with new tabs separating submitted scorecards from the attribute summary so you can view only as much detail as you need.

New candidate profile attribute summary

View offer versions more easily in the updated Offer details section. You can also view offers in the Offer stage.

Offer details section of a candidate profile showing version 1 of an offer

New right panel

The new panel on the right side of the page expands and collapses for convenient multitasking.

Update a candidate’s information in a few quick clicks. View application details, including documents, forms, and background checks, in a single tab. Manage all of this, plus notes, alerts, and reminders, without ever leaving the main panel.

Opening and closing the right panel in the new candidate profile

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has the new candidate profile caused any permission changes?

No. Users will retain the same permissions on jobs that they had prior to the redesign of the candidate profile.

How are Tasks in the new candidate profile different from My Tasks on the My Dashboard page?

The My Tasks section of the My Dashboard page shows your tasks from all your assigned jobs.

In the new candidate profile, a Tasks section displays on each interview stage. These tasks are not assigned to any specific user. They can be seen by anyone assigned to the job.

How do tasks in the new candidate profile work?

Tasks let you see what actions need to be taken for a candidate. Tasks populate after a candidate is moved to a new stage, which means you won't see tasks for future stages.

The Tasks section includes three tabs: To-do, pending, and completed.

Possible actions that can appear in the Tasks section include:

  • Review application (Application review stages only)
  • Request availability
  • Send form
  • Send take-home test (Take-home test stages only)
  • Schedule interview
  • Send interview confirmation

For to-do and pending tasks, multiple tasks of the same type are grouped together under a collapsible row. From here, you can action the tasks individually or all at once.

Tasks are displayed in the following order: 

  • "Request availability" tasks
  • "Forms" tasks
  • "Schedule interview" tasks
  • "Send interview confirmation" tasks

Completed tasks are always shown individually and displayed in chronological order with the most recently completed task at the top.