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Bug fixes

  • In the CRM campaign Prospects tab, bounced emails were not displaying as a value in the Last Activity column.
  • In some interview plans, the offer stage was not appearing as the final stage.
  • When configuring a CRM campaign, some users were unable to see all options listed under the Office and Department drop-down menus.
  • Job boards with custom HTML headers and footers were unable to accept some job applications.
  • In the candidate bulk action menu, the Send Test link was enabled for candidates who were not in the Take Home Test stage.
  • When creating a new job opening with the Harvest API, an error occurred when the name_key field was used.
  • Some users were unable to add more than one location-based application rule to a job post.
  • Some users were unable to delete custom close reasons for job openings.
  • When compiled using the DocuSign integration, some candidate packet downloads did not include all selected files.
  • Some users were unable to advance beyond page 1 in a candidate list.
  • Some employee IDs were incorrectly mapped to email address fields.
  • Some users were unable to delete departments from the organization configuration page.