Email domain verification quick start guide


Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

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Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to send emails from within your account that will appear to the candidate as being sent from your organization's domain.

Part of setting up your Greenhouse Recruiting account involves verifying your organization's domain to ensure your emails are delivered consistently and securely.

About domain verification

Verifying your domain communicates to email providers that they can trust the use of your domain for Greenhouse Recruiting emails.

Verifying your email domain involves copying values in Greenhouse Recruiting, adding them to your DNS settings, and testing in Greenhouse Recruiting that the settings were successfully added.

Add your domain to Greenhouse Recruiting

Log in to your Greenhouse Recruiting account. Go to Configure  > Email Settings. Find the section marked with a 1. Find the text box(es) on the right side of the section.

Refer back to the domain or subdomain you chose in Step 1 of the email verification overview. Enter your domain in the text box. Leave out https:// and www. Then, click Register.

Screenshot of the register domain text box

If you've previously added a domain and want to add a new one, click Add another.

Note: If you manage multiple brands in your Greenhouse Recruiting account, you'll need to add and verify the domains for each brand.

Screenshot of the add another domain link

Note: If you enter a root domain, Greenhouse Recruiting will automatically add gh-mail to the beginning of the URL. Learn more.

When your domain has been registered, you'll receive a success message at the top of the page and the icon next to your domain will turn from an ellipses to a check mark . Refresh the page to see your domain added to a table farther down the page.

Update your DNS settings

Access your DNS settings

Find the area in your account where you can edit your DNS settings. The process of finding and navigating this section of your account will differ depending on the DNS provider you use.

Access your Greenhouse Recruiting values

Log in to your Greenhouse Recruiting account in a separate tab in your browser. Go to Configure > Email Settings.

Scroll down to the table. You should see columns for Type, Priority, Hostname, and Required Value.

Screenshot of the values table on the email settings page

To allow your Greenhouse Recruiting to send emails from your domain, you'll need to copy and paste the information from this table into your DNS settings.

Each row of values is known as a record. You'll need to add each record to your DNS settings individually. 

Add your Greenhouse Recruiting values to your DNS provider

Note: We recommend copying and pasting any existing values in your DNS settings in a separate place before making changes. If you need to revert your changes, you can refer back to this information.

After you've found out how to update your DNS settings, continue by adding a new record.

The information you enter for your new record will look something like this:

  • Record type: Copy and paste the value from the Required Value column in Greenhouse Recruiting
  • Host: Enter the domain or subdomain you chose in Step 1 of the email verification overview
  • Value: Copy and paste the value from the Required Value column in Greenhouse Recruiting

Note: Make sure to copy the entire value.

  • TTL (Time To Live): Select the shortest amount of time

Note: This field is optional.

Enter a record for each row in your table.

Test your DNS records

After configuring your DNS settings, go to the Email Settings page in Greenhouse Recruiting and click Check DNS Records Now.

Screenshot of the check DNS records now button

When the icons in the table turn from ellipses  to check marks , your domain has been verified.

The values table showing green check marks next to verified items

If your icons don't change, double-check that you correctly entered the values from the table in Greenhouse Recruiting into your DNS settings. Then, click Check DNS Records Now.

Additional resources

For a more comprehensive guide with additional information for IT teams, check out our article here.

If you need help, visit our FAQs or reach out to the Greenhouse Recruiting Technical Support team.