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  • Candidate testing: helps organizations evaluate a candidate's ability to write good code. Using AI, Codu highlights clean code practices and suggests improvements.
  • Candidate testing: Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based recruiting and culture analytics solution streamlining the interview process by leveraging AI to significantly eliminate hiring subjectivity, improve the quality of hire, reduce turnover, drive engagement, and ensuring diversity.
  • Candidate referrals: JobVyne automates referral submissions by allowing your employees to easily share new job openings to their social networks so referrals are automatically tracked, saving your company the headache of manually tracking them when using the JobVyne integration.
  • Candidate sourcing: SquarePeg uses smart technology to help source top talent for high-growth companies looking to screen and hire top talent.

Bug fixes

  • In Greenhouse Recruiting, we fixed an issue where candidate applications failed to process in-app and through the Job Board API. These applications have all been reprocessed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you and your team.
  • Valid attachments failed to upload to Greenhouse Onboarding if they included uppercase characters.
  • Business Intelligence Connector resources within the Dev Center weren't accessible due to broken links.
  • New hires weren't ported over to Greenhouse Onboarding successfully due to hidden spaces in company metadata fields.
  • Updated assignment dates for Feedback Questions within new hire Onboarding Plans didn't display correctly after editing.
  • Job Board API custom field values were returned in an incorrect sort order.
  • Changes to company goals weren't saved if the save button was clicked too many times.