HRIS Link can export hired candidates from Greenhouse Recruiting, allowing you to sync new hire information with your HRIS. This feature requires setup and development work to be completed by you or third-party developers.

Setup process

To set up HRIS Link for hired candidates, you'll need to provide your Greenhouse technical consultant with an SFTP server or Amazon S3 bucket that will accept the hired candidate payloads.

Learn more: Set up HRIS Link for hired candidates.

Once enabled, we'll deliver a JSON or XML flat file to the provided endpoint each time a candidate is marked as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting. The payload will include the new hire's application, candidate, job, offer, and opening details. Your team, or third-party developers, can transform the resulting payload using middleware to load the data in Workday or your preferred HRIS.

HRIS Link for hired candidates functionality

When candidates are marked as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting, HRIS Link immediately delivers a payload containing candidate details to the SFTP server or S3 bucket you provide.

Note: Each candidate who is marked as hired is exported using HRIS Link, even if the candidate was previously marked as hired on the same job. Each export will include a timestamp to differentiate hires.

It isn't currently possible to exclude certain offices, departments, jobs, or candidates from the HRIS Link export.

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