If you ever need to reactivate an agency after it has been deactivated navigate, to the Agencies page (Dashboard>Sourcing>Agencies).

Check the option to Include inactive agencies/recruiters. Your list of agencies will include both active and inactive agencies. Hover over the name of the deactivated agency and click Make Active beside the agency name

Re-enable Agency Recruiters

After you have reactivated a formerly deactivated agency, you will have to manually re-enable recruiters associated with the agency. To re-enable agency recruiters, click on a recruiter's name (not the Edit.png symbol) to access the page where you can manage the recruiter's access. 

From your recruiter access management page, click on Enable Recruiter. The individual recruiter will now be re-enabled and can submit candidates through the Agency Portal.


Click here for more information on managing agency recruiter job submission.