Connect your account to LinkedIn Recruiter

Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Note: To connect your individual account to LinkedIn Recruiter, your organization must have already set up LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect on Greenhouse Recruiting. Learn how to enable LinkedIn RSC for your organization.

After LinkedIn RSC has been enabled for your organization on Greenhouse Recruiting, you can connect your individual account to LinkedIn Recruiter. This allows you to streamline sourcing and the management of candidates across both systems, all on Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: This integration isn't available for LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

Connect your account

Log in to Greenhouse Recruiting, and click your initials at the top-right.

Click Account Settings.

Greenhouse Recruiting shows an Account Settings button highlighted on the drop-down of an example user's initials

Click Connect under LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect.

The LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect panel is shown with the Connect button highlighted

Sign in to your LinkedIn Recruiter account, and click Allow to link your accounts.

LinkedIn Recruiter shows the permissions required to connect Greenhouse Recruiting and the Allow button is highlighted

Your two accounts will be linked, allowing you to access information seamlessly across both systems.

Disconnect your account

To disconnect LinkedIn Recruiter from your Greenhouse Recruiting account, log in and click your initials at the top-right.

Click Account Settings, then scroll to LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect.

Click Disconnect.

An example LinkedIn Recruiter account is shown connected on the Account Settings page with a Disconnect button highlighted