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I use Piazza. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

How do I integrate Piazza with Greenhouse 

Enabling Greenhouse integration

To enable Greenhouse integration you need a Greenhouse user with Site Admin privileges to make a Piazza Partner API Key and share it with our support team (instructions/screenshots included below).

Side note: If you’d like students funneled into specific job reqs, let our support team know! E.g., we can ensure any student with a grad year of 2018 gets exported into your “intern job req,” and any student with a grad year of 2017 get exported into your “new grad req.” We’ll just need the job IDs to do this.

API key instructions

Step 1: Go to Configure -> Dev Center -> API Credential Management: 

Step 2: Create a new Partner API key and select Piazza as the Client Application: 


Step 3: Copy the created API key and send it to us: 


Getting the job ID

Click on whatever job req for which you want the ID. The job_id we need is the one that shows up in the URL when you’re viewing the req (e.g. 32239 in the image below):


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