How can I have candidates apply to a job that's not on our careers page?


I'd like to have a job post that isn't on our careers page/job board but be able to share it with candidates so they can apply.  Is there a way to do this? 



In order for an external candidate to apply to a job, the job post for that job must be live and posted on an external job board. 

If you'd like this job to not appear on your main careers page, Pro and Enterprise customers can utilize the Multi Job Board feature to create a new job board that is separate from the main careers page. This will allow you to post the job to that secondary job board and share a link so candidates can apply to jobs on that job board.  

For more information on how to set up a secondary job board or about Multi Job Boards in general, please reference the following help article: 



[Greenhouse Recruiting, Job Boards]


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    Dana Boyd

    Thanks so much Jess and for the detailed feedback! Great job!