Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can manage custom fields

Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier

Greenhouse Recruiting offers powerful APIs that allow you to use an HRIS or any other system of record to create and edit jobs that match what you have configured in your source of truth.

However, it's possible that a user might accidentally adjust one of your jobs after it's been created, which can lead to mismatches and errors when sending hired candidates back to your HRIS.

To circumvent this potential issue, we've created a setting that restricts custom job fields to only being edited via Harvest API.

Create a Harvest-only custom job field

To create a custom job field that can only be edited via API, click the Configure icon Configure icon on your navigation bar, then select Custom Options on the left.

The Configure > Custom Options button is highlighted in a marigold emphasis box

Click Jobs from the Custom Options page.

The button Custom Options > Jobs is highlighted in a marigold emphasis box

Click + Add Field to add a new custom job field or hover over an existing custom job field and click the Edit icon Edit icon to edit the custom job field.

From the subsequent box, scroll to This field can only be changed via the Harvest API and place a check in the checkbox.

When finished, click Save.

An example custom job field is configured with a check by this field can only be edited via Harvest API

Note: It's not possible to make a custom job field both required and Harvest-only.

When enabled, users will be unable to edit the field from the Job Setup > Job Info page. Instead of the Edit icon Edit icon, the field will present the Lock icon Lock icon to indicate that the field can only be changed through the Harvest API.