How do tracking links and LinkedIn paid ads work?

Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

A tracking link is a unique URL that candidates use to apply for jobs. When a candidate applies through a tracking link, Greenhouse Recruiting tracks the source of the applicant to help you measure the success of your external marketing campaign ads.

To combine tracking links and LinkedIn paid job slots, first create a tracking link for each job post.

Next, enter the tracking link in the external site URL field on your LinkedIn paid job slot to direct applicants to your career site.

When setting up paid job slots on LinkedIn the platform shows a field for Direct applicants to an external site to apply

After saving your changes on LinkedIn, new applicants will be forwarded to Greenhouse Recruiting with LinkedIn as their source.

Note: Job slots purchased directly on LinkedIn aren't retroactively synced to Greenhouse Recruiting. To combine existing job slots, create a tracking link for your jobs in Greenhouse and edit your LinkedIn posts to include the unique URL so candidates are directed to apply and have LinkedIn tracked as their source.