Replace the submitted document for a candidate take-home test

Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Sometimes, a candidate may need to replace the file they submitted for their take-home test or assessment. You'll need to delete the original take-home test file and upload a replacement in its place.

Delete the submitted take-home test

Navigate to the candidate's profile and click the Details tab.

Screenshot of details tab

Find the take-home test under the All Attachments section and click the ellipses icon.

Screenshot of ellipses icon next to take home test

Select Delete and confirm your choice in the pop-up window. The previous take-home test will be removed.

Screenshot of delete take home test button

Upload the new file

Click Add file.

Screenshot of add file button

Select Document from the dropdown menu and click Browse to upload a document from your computer.

Screenshot of browse button

Once the document is uploaded, click the ellipses icon and click Set as Take Home Test to define the attachment type.

Screenshot of set as take home test button