Replace the document a candidate submitted for a take home test


Replacing or updating a candidate’s submitted document for a Take Home Test can be done in two steps:

  1. Delete the originally submitted document
  2. Upload the new document in its place


Delete Originally Submitted Take Home Test Document

Navigate to a candidate's profile (All Jobs > Job > Candidates) and click the Details tab.


Locate the Take Home Test document under All Attachments.

Click the ellipsis () above the document and select Delete from the dropdown menu. 



Add New Take Home Test Document

Still from the candidate's Details tab (All Jobs > Job > Candidates > Candidate > Details), click + Add file

Select Document from the dropdown menu and Choose File to upload a document from your computer.


Once the document is uploaded, navigate to the ellipsis (...) above the document and select Set as Take Home Test from the dropdown menu to define the attachment type.