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Sourcing: The Basics

The Source Tracking function in Greenhouse allows you to understand where candidates in your pipeline are coming from. Every Source in Greenhouse Recruiting is comprised of two parts: a Sourcing Strategy and Source Name.

In Greenhouse Recruiting, we classify sources into categories that we refer to as Sourcing Strategies. The 8 Sourcing Strategies are defined as:

  • Agencies
  • Company Marketing
  • In Person Event
  • Prospecting
  • Social Media
  • Third-party Boards
  • Referral 
  • Others

Under any Sourcing Strategy, are distinct methods that we refer to as a Source Name.

When creating a Custom Source, users will need to group their custom source into a predefined Sourcing Strategy and provide the unique Source Name. For more information on creating Custom Sources, please click here.


Some Sources are listed under multiple Sourcing Strategies because there are different ways you mind find candidates on those platforms. In those instances, we've included clarification in the Source Name. For example, LinkedIn is listed in the Source list under multiple Sourcing Strategies.


LinkedIn - Prospecting is the source for candidates found by proactive search and outreach on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn - Social Media is the source for candidates who saw a position advertised on a personal LinkedIn profile by someone in their network. For example, if a user posted a position to their personal profile using the Social Media dashboard in Greenhouse, any applicants coming from that post will have this source.

LinkedIn (Ad Posting) - Third-party Boards is the source for one-off ads purchased on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Limited Listing - Third-party Boards is the source for the free ads LinkedIn offers through their Limited Listing service

By differentiating between a Source Strategy and a Source Name, your organization can better track the performance of individual sources as well as trends across an entire Sourcing Strategy, in a report like Candidate Quality by Source Report.



You can find a candidate's or prospect's Source from their profile on any job. To assign or change the Source of a candidate for a particular job, navigate to the candidate's profile and click the edit.pngicon next to the Source field 


When (re)assigning a Source to a candidate, users can choose the Source Name (organized by Source Strategy) and assign Credit to an individual. Credits are used to identify the person responsible for referring the candidate.