Greenhouse Recruiting includes a variety of reports to provide insight into your hiring process, help you tell stories, and drive strategic decisions. The Greenhouse Report Connector tool takes your reporting a step further by combining the power and customization of a spreadsheet with a simple and seamless Google integration. 

With this Google Sheets add-on, you can: 

  • Easily import Greenhouse Recruiting reports to Google
  • Refresh your reports in real-time directly from your workbook
  • Build and manipulate dashboards, charts, and graphs
  • Create custom charts
  • Combine reports and perform complex analysis

This article includes several resources to enhance your Greenhouse Report Connector use, covering everything from basic setup to advanced templates.

Note: Click here to view the Greenhouse Recruiting Reports Dashboard.


Enable the Greenhouse Report Connector add-on

Watch the following video for step-by-step instructions on how to enable the Greenhouse Report Connector add-on: Greenhouse Report Connector training video

See the following article for written instructions: Enable Greenhouse Report Connector


Beginner Greenhouse Report Connector templates

Each of the sample reports linked below has one or two focus metrics that leverage an imported report from Greenhouse Recruiting. Use these as a jumping off point; you can build out much more complex reports based on your needs!

Watch this training video, which walks through using the first report. Then, dive into any of the four templates:


Google Sheets resources

As you start to build out your own resources, be sure sure you understand navigating data and pivot tables in Google Sheets. Here are some resources to leverage: 


Advanced Greenhouse Report Connector templates

Feeling confident? Check out these in-depth templates for more ways to leverage Greenhouse Report Connector:

  • Company Recruiting Leaderboard: Who is providing the most referrals, doing the most interviews, and having the best interview adherence?
  • Start Date Predictor: How likely are we to make our hire on time? 
  • Quarterly Exec Metrics and Presentation: How is our recruiting function performing each quarter, and what is our plan for next quarter?
    • Click the Presentation link above to view a Google Slides template showing how an organization performed in the previous quarter against five recruitment KPIs.
  • Cost Per Hire Worksheet: How much are we spending per hire? How much are we spending overall? What are the opportunities for improvement?


Additional reporting resources

Check out these additional resources to explore Greenhouse Report Connector further: