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Custom Application Fields

Note: Custom Application Fields are only available to Enterprise Customers.

A candidate's response to an application question can vary across job applications within the same organization.  By creating and implementing custom application fields you can track these responses.

For example, a candidate who applies to your organization is unwilling to relocate, later the same candidate applies again and responds that they are now willing to move for the position. With custom application fields you can ask these questions and track these different responses.

Create Custom Application Field

To create your custom application field, navigate from your Dashboard to Configure>Custom Options>Applications.

From the Manage Application Fields page, click on +Add Field to create a custom application field. 


You will need to configure the new application field from the dialog box. Type a name in for the field, type, and who will see the field. Additionally, you can provide a description of the field, create an email token that will allow you to link to application field responses in emails, and make the field private. 


In the example above, we've labelled the Field with the question we plan to ask in our application. For Type, we would like the answer to come in a Yes or No format. We also would like the question to be posed to Candidates. 

When you have finished customizing your application field, click Save.

Custom Application Field for Existing Candidates

After you have created your custom application field, the question will appear as part of their application. Since you created the application field after they submitted to the job, you will have to manually enter their response to application field.

To record responses for existing candidates, navigate to the Candidates tab from your Dashboard, and click on a candidate's name. Click on Application from the candidate's page. 


In the Application, you will find the custom application field you created. Click on the Screen_Shot_2017-12-20_at_9.30.18_AM.pngto edit the response and input the candidate's response. Click Save to confirm the change.

Link Custom Application Field to Application Question for New Candidates

To add custom application fields to existing job posts, navigate to the Jobs tab from your Dashboard and click on the name of an individual job. 

Click on the Job Setup tab and navigate to Job Posts from the left-hand panel. Edit the Job Post by clicking on the Screen_Shot_2017-12-20_at_9.30.18_AM.pngicon. 


From the Edit Your Job Post page, click on the Add Custom Question button. From the Add a Question dialog box, you can pose a question, provide a description, link the response to the custom application field you've created, and configure the positioning of the question in the application. 


Using our previous example on creating a custom application field, we have created a question and provided a description. We have also toggled Yes for adding the candidate response to a field in the candidate's profile. From the Custom Field drop-down menu, we selected the field we created previously. Candidate responses to this question will now be linked and tracked by this custom field. Click Done when you have finished.

Click on Preview to examine your job post and if everything looks good, click Save.

Note: For new job posts, you will be able to add custom questions and link to custom application fields when creating the post.

Filtering Responses by Responses to Custom Application Field

To see a list of candidate responses to your custom application question, navigate to the Candidates tab from your Dashboard. Expand the panel for Profile Details from the filter panel. Select your custom application field from the Custom Field drop-down menu and then select the answer you would like to filter.


You can use other filters in the list to further filter your results.