Note: Organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription can customize Job Admin levels, including adding or removing permission stripes from the default Job Admin: Standard and Job Admin: Private levels, deleting the default levels entirely, and creating new Job Admin levels.

Organizations with an Essential subscription tier cannot edit the default Job Admin levels or create custom Job Admin levels.

A user with any level of Job Admin permissions will have the following built-in Job Admin permissions available on that job: 

  • Can see job's dashboard, candidate pipeline, and reports
  • Can see all candidates
  • Can add and edit candidates and referrals
  • Can be assigned hiring team roles

A user with Job Admin: Standard permissions on a job will have all of the permissions listed above, as well as the following additional access:

  • Can edit job info and the Interview Plan, create job posts, and edit the hiring team
  • Can manage candidates on the job, including advancing and rejecting, emailing, and transferring to a new job (the user must have the same Job Admin level assigned on the new job to transfer) 
  • Can view all candidate profile information on the Details tab

A user with Job Admin: Standard permissions can't view candidate profile information on the Private tab. 

To learn more about default Job Admin: Standard permissions, click here