Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Note: Users are only able to view and filter candidates on jobs where they have appropriate permissions

Greenhouse Recruiting provides a variety of ways to filter the Candidates page to make it easier to find candidates. In this article, we will cover how to filter the Candidates page by a job.

Click Candidates from your navigation bar and expand the Jobs panel on the left-hand side

Click Filter By Job.

Use the subsequent Filter Jobs box to select job(s) to include. In addition to searching by single job, your organization can filter the job(s) by Status, Departments, Offices, Custom Fields, and more.

Included jobs will have a check to the left of the job name. Add / remove the check from the job to include or filter out the job from the Candidates list.

Navigate to the bottom of the dialog box and click Save when finished.

The All Candidates page will be filtered by the job filters you have selected. All filters applied to this page can be viewed from the top panel.