How can I schedule different interviews in one stage?


How can I schedule different interviews for one stage? My interviews are showing up as duplicate interviews and the interview type does not match. For example, for my onsite stage, all of my interviews are showing up a culture fit interview.


This is due to the interview kit link that is being used in the calendar details section. Usually we see this if the body of a calendar invite is copied and pasted to create other interviews. 

Steps to resolve:
1. Click on the correct name of the interview from the candidate profile. This will take you to the interview kit for this interview
2. Copy the URL of this interview kit page
3. In the external calendar invite details, replace the existing link with this newly copied link
4. Send the update to all attendees so that Greenhouse can capture this change
This interview kit link maps the scheduled interview to the correct candidate profile and correct stage/interview.




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