Permissions: Job Admin and above with access to CRM and prospects

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The prospect owner feature allows your organization to configure a user in charge of managing the relationship with a specific prospect.

Prospect owner overview

Configured per prospect application (i.e. a prospect with multiple applications can have multiple prospect owners), prospect owners are given access to the specific prospect process for the prospect.

By selecting a specific user for the prospect owner role, your organization can retroactively assess the performance of a sourcer (or a user with a similar task) who was initially responsible for the prospect. Use reports such as the prospect conversion report and prospecting activity report to measure the performance of your sourcing team and answer questions such as how many prospects owned by a specific sourcer were converted to candidates?

Assign prospect owner

Note: Prospect owner roles can be assigned to users without a CRM user license. However, users without a CRM user license cannot edit the prospect owner field.

To assign a user to the prospect owner role for an individual prospect, navigate to the prospect profile.

On the Jobs tab, click Edit Edit icon underneath Prospect Owner.

Screenshot of edit prospect owner

From the subsequent field, search for the name of a Greenhouse Recruiting user and select the user from the dropdown.

Click Save when finished.

Screenshot of save prospect owner edit

The selected user will be configured as the prospect owner and will have access to this individual prospect process.

Assign prospect owner in bulk

A prospect owner can be assigned to multiple prospects using the Greenhouse Recruiting bulk action feature.

Click Candidates from your navigation bar and expand the Application Type filter on the left.

Select Prospects only from the Type dropdown.

Screenshot of filter Candidates page for prospects

Click Bulk Actions at the top-right.

Screenshot of bulk actions

Select the prospects who will have a new prospect owner assigned through the bulk action by clicking the checkbox to the left of their name.

When finished, click Edit Selected.

Screenshot of edit selected

Click Edit Prospect Owner.

Screenshot of bulk edit prospect owner

Select a user to be the prospect owner for these prospects and click Save.

Screenshot of save bulk edit