In this article, we will cover how to:


Resend a Take Home Test (Test Not Submitted)

If a Take Home Test has not been submitted by a candidate yet, the test can be resent directly from the candidate's On Job panel.

From a candidate's profile, navigate to the On Job panel and click Stage from the left-hand side.


Expand the Take Home Test Stage and click Resend Test.


Use the subsequent dialog box to craft an email to the candidate about the Take Home Test, select a grader, etc. 

Click Send Test when finished.



Resend a Take Home Test (Test Submitted)

If the candidate has submitted a completed Take Home Test already, or if a user has manually uploaded a document on the candidate’s behalf, it is no longer possible to use the Resend Test feature.

As an alternative, the Take Home Test can be resent to the candidate via the Email Candidate feature on the right-hand panel of the candidate's profile.


Use the subsequent dialog box to copy and paste the body of the Take Home Test email into the new email. Additionally, the sender can request any necessary documents be returned as attachments to the email.

Click Send Email when finished.


Once the candidate’s documents are received, a Greenhouse user can upload these documents to the candidate’s profile by following the steps outlined here: Replace the Document a Candidate Submitted for a Take Home Test.