Troubleshoot error message or unexpected behavior on Greenhouse Recruiting

Occasionally, you might run into unexpected behavior on Greenhouse Recruiting that affects performance, such as receiving an error message. This often is localized to your browser and can be solved with simple troubleshooting steps.

Use an alternative browser or install browser updates

If you currently use Chrome, see if you experience the same behavior in a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox. Does using an alternative browser help alleviate the situation? If so, the issue might be caused by something specific to your browser, such as an installed add-on or extension, or a potential cache and cookies issue.

If the issue doesn't occur when using a different browser type, we recommend reviewing the troubleshooting steps below to identify and resolve the issue in your preferred browser. 

In addition, be sure you are using the latest browser version and install any available updates.

Clear browser cache and cookies

Clearing your browser's cache and cookies can resolve many issues. You can view instructions for different browsers below:

Note: For Safari, be sure to follow the steps to clear your browsing history as well as the steps to clear cookies. Other browser types clear both browsing data and cookies in a single action. 

Deactivate browser extensions

Browser extensions can interfere with activity within your browser. Click the links below for guidance on deactivating extensions in popular browsers: 

Troubleshoot Greenhouse Recruiting extensions

If you experience issues while using any Greenhouse Recruiting extensions, we recommend logging out of the extension, then logging back in

Visit the following articles for additional troubleshooting assistance specific to each extension:

Use incognito mode

Using Greenhouse Recruiting in an incognito window sometimes resolves error messages or unexpected behavior. Click here to learn more about using Chrome's incognito mode. See if your particular browser supports incognito mode.

Have your IT team ensure that traffic to Greenhouse isn’t blocked

Sometimes, your IT team's firewall protection can unintentionally block certain sites from functioning correctly. Double checking the blocked and allowed domains can resolve issues as they occur across your organization.

The following domains must be accessible for the Greenhouse Recruiting application to function:

  • * for the overall application
  • for in-application font support
  • for Zendesk
  • for Zendesk
  • * in-app chat support
  • for performance monitoring
  • for product analytics
  • for product analytics
  • for Zendesk
  • for Zoom Virtual Assistant

Additionally, we strongly recommend allowing traffic from the following domains for Greenhouse Recruiting to function. While the application will still function when the browser cannot access these domains, blocking traffic will cause the browser console to log errors.

  • for Google Analytics
  • for Rollbar support (allows Greenhouse to diagnose issues)
  • for downloading candidate resumes
  • for document previews and thumbnails
  • for location-based candidate search and Onboarding map functionality
  • for third-party analytics collection
  • for third-party analytics collection

Update VPNs, firewalls, or Data Loss Prevention software

Traffic to Greenhouse may be impeded by your network settings or software. Your IT team can review your network logs to determine if any traffic to Greenhouse is being blocked by this software. Additionally, when contacting Greenhouse Technical Support, mention any VPNs, firewalls, or DPN software that your company is using that may be affecting performance.