Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

An important step in a structured hiring process is defining your team's roles and responsibilities for a particular job. To assist with this, Greenhouse Recruiting includes four Hiring Team roles. Hiring Team roles are assigned on a per-job/candidate basis, and each role includes its own set of responsibilities and tasks that will be assigned to the user in that role.

Note: It isn't possible to edit the tasks assigned to each Hiring Team role.

The information a user sees on their Greenhouse Recruiting Dashboard, such as assignments in the My Tasks panel and applications to review, will be based on the user's Hiring Team role on various jobs/candidates.

In addition to defining which users own which tasks, Hiring Team roles can be used to filter candidates and jobs on the All Candidates page, on the All Jobs page, and in reports. 

Note: A user must be granted Job Admin permissions on the job or be a Site Admin before they can be assigned a Hiring Team role on the job. Click here to learn how to assign job-based permissions to a Job Admin.

Assign a hiring team

To assign a Hiring Team for a specific job, go to the Jobs page. Select a job from the list.

Jobs page

Go to the Hiring Team page. (Job Setup > Hiring Team)

Under the Responsible for tasks by default column, click Edit in the row of the role you want to change.

Edit hiring team roles button

Use the dropdown to add or remove a user. When you finish, click Save.

Edit hiring team recruiter field

Note: It is not possible to assign Hiring Team roles in bulk. You cannot add a single user as a specified role, such as the Recruiter, on multiple jobs simultaneously. The Hiring Team must be configured for each job individually via the job's Hiring Team page.

For more information about Hiring Team roles, please visit the links below: