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How do the free job posts for Indeed and Glassdoor work?

Greenhouse Recruiting has integrations that can automatically create free job posts on Indeed and Glassdoor after setting your external job posts live. These can be configured at the bottom of each job post's edit page or when bulk editing external job posts:


Once the job post is online, all of the information about it is bundled up and sent over to Indeed and Glassdoor, where they use it to create your ads. If the post is later edited or taken offline, the ads on these sites will also change to reflect the content and status of your job post in Greenhouse. NOTE: It can sometimes take up to 48 hours for new posts or updates to appear on Indeed and Glassdoor.

Can I refresh an old ad on Indeed or Glassdoor?

These sites can be a great resource for new candidates when your job posts first go online, but over time your ads become stale and are far less visible than newer posts.

Because Indeed and Glassdoor offer sponsored posts for better positioning on their site, it isn't possible to repost a job ad in Greenhouse to generate a new ad in Indeed or GlassdoorTaking the post down and then reactivating it or closing and reopening the job will simply resurrect the stale job post from before rather than creating a new one. These sites also have filters that check for similar job titles and descriptions and will hide duplicates, so creating a new job in order to generate a new ad is likely to fail as well.


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