Permissions: Site Admin and Job Admin who can create, edit and delete job posts

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

With Greenhouse Recruiting, you can create free job posts on Indeed with your live external job posts.

Note: Beginning April 1, 2023, Indeed will not allow job post questions that seek personally identifiable information (PII) like full birthdates, driver's license numbers, or social security numbers from applicants. If your job post includes a custom question requesting PII, the job post will be removed from Indeed, and your Indeed account may experience restricted functionality. Reach out to your Indeed representative for more information.

Note: It can take up to 48 hours for new posts or updates to appear on Indeed.

Enable a free job post on Indeed

To enable a free job post on Indeed, click Jobs on your navigation bar, then select a job from the list.

The All Jobs page shows example jobs listed with Benefits Specialist highlighted in marigold

Click Job Setup on the left.

An example job named Benefits Specialist is shown with Job Setup highlighted in marigold on the left

Click Job Posts, then add a new job post or click the Edit Edit-icon icon beside the job post you wish to edit.

An example job called Benefits Specialist is shown with the job post called Benefits Specialist and the Edit icon highlighted beside the job post name

Publish to free job boards section.

Place a checkbox next to Indeed.

Type a location for Indeed to use to associate with the job and select the location from the dropdown.

The publish to free job boards section is shown with Indeed checked and New York City, New York, United States chosen as the location

Note: Each of our job board integrations requires a location to be selected in order to create a free job post, including remote opportunities. To learn more about marking third-party job posts as remote, click here.

With Indeed, you can post the job as remote and available to a specific location, or remote nationwide and available to a specific country.

Place a checkbox next to Remote.

Example: If Omniva Corporation posts a remote job post to Denver, Colorado, United States, then only people in Denver searching for remote job posts will see the post.

To post the job as remote across an entire country, select Enable nationwide remote location for compatible job boards. You'll still need to select a location so the post can be associated with a country.

Note: Indeed nationwide remote job posts are only available in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

When finished, click Save.

Once the job post is live, the job's information is sent to Indeed. To learn about how Indeed promotes job posts, click here.

Note: Jobs posted to Indeed appear on both Glassdoor and Indeed. Jobs cannot be posted directly to Glassdoor. For more information, contact Indeed customer support.

Candidate source for Indeed job posts

When a candidate applies using a free job post on Indeed, by default their source is listed as Responded to an ad on Indeed.

An example candidate named Roshan Patel is shown on Greenhouse Recruiting with the source shown as Responded to an ad on Indeed

Indeed salary estimates

When you're posting jobs to Indeed and don't include salary information, Indeed will automatically include an estimated salary. For more information about this feature, contact Indeed's customer support.

An example job named Designer, Men's Apparel Graphics is shown with on Indeed with an estimate salary range of 49,900 to 63,200 dollars per year

Refresh a free job post on Indeed

Websites like Indeed can be a great resource for new candidates when your job posts are first posted online, but over time, your posts can become stale and lose visibility to newer posts.

Because Indeed offers sponsored posts for better positioning on their site, it isn't possible to repost a job ad in Greenhouse Recruiting to generate a new ad on Indeed. Taking the post down and then reactivating it, or closing and reopening the job will simply re-post the stale job instead of creating a new one.

Job boards like Indeed also have filters that check for similar job titles and descriptions to hide duplicates, so creating a new job in order to generate a new ad is likely to fail.