People HR now integrates into your Greenhouse recruitment site.

The link will populate People HR with the below information once the status in Greenhouse  = 'Candidate Hire' - 

  • EmployeeId
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Gender (Female by default)
  • Email
  • StartDate
  • JobRole
  • JobRoleEffectiveDate
  • Company
  • Location
  • Department
  • Address
  • PersonalPhoneNumber
  • ATS ID 

To set up this integration, please follow the steps below - 

Go to and create a new account using the Register option in the top right corner

Login in using your email and password

  1. Click “Activate Greenhouse Integration
  2. To use greenhouse integration, make sure you visited “peopleHR settings” & add your peopleHR API key in the same portal.
  3. Once you complete step 2, on the same page you will find a “Your Greenhouse Integration Endpoint” , copy that link from the below (e.g : )
  4. Now go to Greenhouse & go to - > web hooks. It will allow you to create web hooks
  5. Put name of the web hook (e.g : my webhook)
  6. Select “candidate has been hired”
  7. Put the link you copied from our system into the Endpoint field (e.g : , enter a security key (e.g : mytest)
  8. Create web hook
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