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Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with VentureFizz makes it easier to keep your jobs up to date on your BIZZpage and VentureFizz's job board, allowing your company’s jobs to automatically get added or removed based on their status in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Create a VentureFizz source

To make sure Greenhouse Recruiting is able to track VentureFizz as a source for applications, you'll need to add a new custom source for Venturefizz.

Click the Configure Configure icon icon on your navigation bar > Custom Options > then click Sources.

Click Create new source.

Enter the following information to create the custom source:

  • Name: VentureFizz
  • Sourcing strategy: Third-party boards

Click Create source.

Create a VentureFizz tracking link

Next, you'll need to create a VentureFizz tracking link in Greenhouse Recruiting to source your applicants.

Click Configure Configure icon icon > Job Board & Posts > then click the Ellipsis Ellipsis icon icon next to your job board.

Click Tracking link.

Enter the following details to create the tracking link:

  • Who gets credit: Choose a user or select none.
  • Source: VentureFizz

Click Create link.

Copy the link to provide to VentureFizz in a later step.

Copy your Greenhouse Recruiting offices and departments

In order to enable the integration, VentureFizz will need a list of your organization's offices and departments in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Click the Configure Configure-icon.png icon > Organization > then copy your list of offices and departments to provide to VentureFizz in a later step.

It’s helpful for VentureFizz have the full list of offices and departments.

Enable the VentureFizz integration

Once you have your job board tracking link, your list of offices, and your list of departments, reach out to your VentureFizz account manager to share the information. They'll get everything configured and send in an application to test and verify the integration!