I use VentureFizz. What does the integration look like?

Greenhouse Instructions 

We recently integrated our Job Board with Greenhouse.  This makes it a lot easier to keep your jobs up to date on your BIZZpage and our Job Board. 

Once everything is setup and configured, your company’s jobs will automatically get added or they will remove from our Job Board.

Please note, there might be a bit of a lag time of an hour or two, from when you add in a new job or remove one and when it appears on our Job Board.

Below are three easy steps, which will help you pull together the information we’ll need to get everything configured for your account.

Step 1. - Adding VentureFizz as a Source in Greenhouse

* If VentureFizz is already added as a Job Board source, you can skip to Step 2.

To make sure Greenhouse is able to track VentureFizz as a source for applications, we need to be added as an option in Greenhouse.

  • In Greenhouse, click the “Configure” tab
  • Click on the “Custom Options” from the left sidebar menu
  • Click on “Sources”


  • Click on the “Create New Source” button


  • You’ll want to choose Third-party boards from the drop down menu
  • Add VentureFizz as the “Name of the Source”
  • Click “Create Source”
  • You will then see VentureFizz listed as a source


Step 2. - Creating a “Tracking Link”

A tracking link is how you will be able to track applicants with VentureFizz as the source in Greenhouse. 

  • In Greenhouse, click the "Configure" tab
  • Click "Job Board" from the options on the left hand sidebar
  • Click "Tracking Link"


  • You can assign who gets credit (optional), but you'll want to pull up VentureFizz as the source and click "Create Link"
  • If you don't have VentureFizz set up as a source, I can send you instructions on how to set us up, if you need them.


  • We just need the link that is generated. In this example, the link is: http://grnh.se/6r3dky1

Step 3. - Offices in Greenhouse

We’ll need a list of the different offices you use for the location of your jobs.

  • To find a list of your offices, click on the “Configure” tab.
  • Then, click on “Organization” from the options listed.
  • From here, you’ll see your list of Offices.


It’s helpful to have the full list, but ultimately we’ll be pulling in jobs which are located in the Boston area or are market as national.

Step 4. - Departments in Greenhouse

We’ll need a list of the different departments you use for the categories of jobs.

Once we have the list, we’ll be able to map them to our categories.

  • To find a list of your departments, click on the “Configure” tab.
  • Then, click on “Organization” from the options listed.
  • From here, you’ll see your list of Departments.


  • We’ll just need the list of all of your departments… even departments where you might not have any active jobs.

That’s it!  The rest is up to us!  We’ll get everything configured and then, send in a test application to make sure everything is working properly. 

Thanks for your help!


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