With this integration, users will be able to source, access, engage with, and track candidates from AmazingHiring.

Configuring the Integration

At the moment, you can connect AmazingHiring with Greenhouse only via our Chrome Extension and only for authorized AmazingHiring users.

1 step

Open someone’s profile on a source where AmazingHiring Chrome extension is active, e. g. GitHub.


2 step

Click the "Connect Greenhouse" button.

3 step

The Greenhouse account authorization window opens.


4 step

Enter your email in the correspondent field. Click the "Next Step" button.

5 step

To authorize AmazingHiring so it could use your Greenhouse account, click the "Authorize" button.

6 step

The popup window closes automatically, a vacancy list appears in the extension. Integration is activated now.

Adding Candidates to Greenhouse

At the moment, you can push candidate profiles  from AmazingHiring to Greenhouse from Chrome Extension only.

1 step

Open candidate’s profile on any site where AmazingHiring Chrome extension activates, e. g. GitHub.


2 step

If needed, select a job from the drop-down list


and click the "Add candidate" button.


Done, your candidate is added to Greenhouse!

3 step

To add someone as a prospect, select  "without vacancy" item  from the list


and click the "Add candidate" button.


According to "post candidate endpoint" documentation the JSON with filled fields is sent to Greenhouse from AmazingHiring.