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I use day100. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

Greenhouse and day100 have created an integration so that you can seamlessly use the two products together to add smart human insights powered by day100 to your candidate pipeline at any point in your recruiting process.

To implement the integration, you will:

  1. Generate an API key in day100 for the Greenhouse Assessment API.
  2. Fill out the form at or to click here open a ticket. Please do not send the API key in this initial email.
  3. The Greenhouse Support Team will respond with a SendSafely link for you to enter your API key into (How does SendSafely work?), which will notify Greenhouse Support once the API key has been entered.
  4. Greenhouse Support will then email you back confirming that your API key has been setup in your account and your integration is ready to go. 
  5. Add a special day100 job stage to the interview plan of any position you want to use day100 for.
  6. As candidates enter that stage, send the day100 request through Greenhouse.
  7. Once the references are submitted and the profile scored, a summary of results and a link to the candidate’s profile in day100 will be accessible through Greenhouse.

Enabling the Integration

To enable the integration, generate an API key in day100 for the Greenhouse Assessment API. This can be done in the Settings > Account Page, under ATS Integrations. Once you receive it, forward it onto your Greenhouse Account Manager. Your Account Manager will enter the API Key into the system and then let you know when the integration is ready to go.

Adding the day100 Stage to a Job’s Interview Plan

To add the stage to your Interview Plan:

  • Navigate to a specific job, and click the Job Setup tab
  • Click Interview Plan
  • Scroll down the page, and click the green + Add Stage button
  • Select day100, and click the Add button

Ensure Your Job is Ready in day100

Keep in mind that all configuration of the day100 process itself will be handled by day100. This means that you should typically have already created the position on day100 and answered day100’s questions about your ideal candidate, which will be later used to determine the Matchfit score.

Additionally, while you will click "Send Test" from within Greenhouse, the instructions and communications with the candidates and referrers are actually sent by day100.

Adding Candidates to the day100 Stage

So that candidates can utilize day100, you have to specifically add them to the day100 Stage. To do so, filter the candidates according to your preferred filters, then click on Bulk Actions. From there, you can either click on each checkbox next to the candidates’ names, or click Select All to select all the candidates on the displayed list. Then click on Edit Selected, select Move to different stage, then select day100.

Sending the day100 Request

When candidates are moved into the day100 stage, Greenhouse will display a Send Test link. While you will click "Send Test" in Greenhouse, the interview instructions will actually be sent through day100.

The status of the request will be viewable in Greenhouse:

  • Take Home Test to be sent: You will see this status if you haven’t already sent the day100 request to that candidate. If you’d like to send the request to that candidate, you can click Send next to day100. (In example picture below, see candidate Julia Vanderbrueck.)
  • Waiting for candidate to submit test: You will see this status if you have sent the day100 request but it hasn’t been completed yet. (In example picture below, see candidate Lara Bukowski.)
  • Scorecard due from <DESIGNATED_GRADER>: You will see this status once the day100 request is ready to be reviewed. You will also be separately notified via email when the day100 request has been completed. (In example picture below, see candidate Daniel Barron.)
  • Needs decision in day100: You will see this status once the day100 request has been reviewed by the designated grader and the candidate is ready to be moved into a next stage, such as a next interview stage or the offer stage. (In example picture below, see candidate Jorges Gonzales.)

Reviewing the Results

Once the candidate has submitted their day100 request, the Interview Kit will contain a link to view the results on day100. There you will be able to see three fields:

  • Report: Clicking on View Report will open the candidate’s profile on day100 and display the complete information collected and analyzed by day100.
  • Score: This is the overall MatchFit score of the candidate based on the day100 assessment.
  • Culture Fit Score: This is the culture fit portion of the MatchFit score
  • Skills Fit Score: This is the skills fit portion of the MatchFit score
  • day100 MatchFit rank: This is the rank of the candidate on day100 based on their score, as compared to the baseline answers you supplied, where the rank can be: Exceptional fit, Good fit, Average fit and Below Average fit.