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BI Connector

Improvements to analytics

On December 14, 2022, we made updates to the Business Intelligence Connector schema. We released a new user_attribute_custom_fields table to accommodate custom user fields, and we improved the referral_question_custom_fields table.

Bug fixes

  • Users without the correct permissions were able to view signed offer letter attachments.
  • Bulk job assignment wasn't working for users assigned from Site Admin to Job Admin.
  • Users couldn't proceed when clicking Reject and send email during application review.
  • Users were unable to configure surveys with an office and department combination.
  • Some copied jobs were breaking after copying a take home test stage with an invalid attachment type.
  • The Application Trends graph showed misplaced data labels on hover.
  • Some spaces between words were removed from Greenhouse Sourcing Automation emails.
  • Job approvers were incorrectly marked as job openers.