Select recipients for the new pending hire email

Permissions: Owners

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

The new pending hire email is a core email that notifies Owners and Coordinators when a candidate accepts an offer and is converted to a pending hire in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Note: Users assigned Coordinator access after May 3rd, 2023 will be automatically opted-in to receive this email. Existing Coordinators have been opted-out but can opt-in to receive this email in Account Settings.

Receive pending hire emails checkbox highlighted on user account settings page

Owners can also configure this email to alert specific recipients when a pending hire joins your organization.

Note: Organizations that have configured a recipient list prior to May 3rd, 2023 can continue to use their recipient list. Any other organizations will not be able to set a custom recipient list.

We recommend all organizations configure custom pending hire permissions instead of using the recipient list here. Pending hire permissions allow you to give specific employees access to manage pending hires and receive notifications about new pending hires.

Add new pending hire notification recipients

Navigate to Settings > Onboarding Plan > Emails. Scroll to the Greenhouse Onboarding core emails section.

Hover over the New pending hire row and click the Pencil icon.

New pending hire email listed in core emails section with hover and edit icon highlighted

Type the desired recipient's email address in the search box, then click Add "[email address]" from the dropdown.

Once you've added all the recipients you'd like to notify, click Save.

New pending hire notification recipient configuration window with recipient field and save button highlighted

The Send to column will change to Specified employees, indicating the recipients were added successfully.

Screenshot of new pending hires notification specified employees column

Note: If you opt to use this recipient list, any employees with custom pending hire permissions will not be notified about new pending hires.

Remove new pending hire notification recipients

To remove a recipient, hover over the New pending hire row and click the Pencil icon.

Screenshot of edit new pending hire notifications

Click X next to their email address, then click Save.

New pending hire notification recipient configuration with delete recipient icon highlighted