Inhire is an automated sourcing platform for recruiting tech talents, reaching out directly to thousands of tech, vetted candidates. Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with inhire allows getting candidates sourced with inhire to be added to your Greenhouse instance.

Create a Harvest API key for the inhire integration

To configure the Greenhouse Recruiting/inhire integration, you’ll need to create a Harvest API key. Follow the steps in this article to create the key, and verify that the permissions below are selected when configuring the inhire integration.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API Type: Harvest
  • Partner: inhire (optional)
  • Description: inhire Harvest API Key

Store the API key in a secure location, you will need to paste it into inhire in the next step.


Verify that the following permissions are selected for the inhire integration:


  • GET: Retrieve Application
  • GET: List Applications


  • GET: Retrieve Candidate
  • GET: List Candidates
  • POST: Add Candidate
  • POST: Add Attachment
  • POST: Add Application
  • POST: Add Prospect

Job Posts

  • GET: List Job Posts
  • GET: Retrieve Job Post for Job
  • GET: List Job Posts for Job

Job Stages

  • GET: Retrieve Job Stage
  • GET: List Job Stages
  • GET: List Job Stages for Job


  • GET: Retrieve Job
  • GET: List Jobs

Scheduled Interviews

  • GET: List Interviews for Application
  • GET: Retrieve Interview
  • GET: List Interviews


  • GET: List Sources


  • GET: Retrieve User
  • GET: List Users
  • GET: List User Future Job Permissions
  • GET: List User Job Permissions

Add custom source to track candidates from inhire

Click the Configure icon Configure-icon.png in upper right corner. From the left menu, click Custom Options then click Sources.


Click Create New Source. In the popup that appears, enter the following information:

  • Sourcing Strategy: 3rd Party Boards
  • Name of Source:

Note: In the Name of Source text box, it's important that you type exactly as it appears here. inhire identifies the source by this tag, so any incorrect text may prevent the integration from working properly.


Finish setup on the inhire platform

Provide your Harvest API key to your inhire onboarding team so they can set up the integration. If you'd like to complete setup yourself, follow the steps below.

Log in as an Admin into your inhire account. Right-click on your email address in the top right corner and choose Settings.

Select Integrations and click Greenhouse.

Enter the previously generated Greenhouse Harvest API key and an email address associated with your Greenhouse Recruiting account. These items will be used to create candidates.

Note: inhire recommendeds using an email address of a user with Site Admin permissions to ensure they have access to all jobs. This user will be used by inhire while adding candidates to fill the On-behalf-of section in API requests.

Click Next to finish the setup.

Note: If you want to edit the GDPR consent template that candidates accept when applying to your jobs, modify the text in the Consent template field and click Save.

Use the inhire integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

In the previous section you defined the API key for the integration. Now, it is time to bind your process on the inhire Platform with the corresponding recruitment process in Greenhouse Recruiting.

For example, if you want to map a job called "Senior ML Engineer" in inhire to a job called "Machine Learning Engineer" in Greenhouse Recruiting, you'll want to follow the steps below:

Go to the Processes page on inhire and click on the three vertical dots button and choose the Edit option from the menu.

Scroll down end toggle the Integrate with ATS option.

After clicking on the list, choose the corresponding recruitment process retrieved from your Greenhouse instance.

In order to test integration, click Test Integration and inhire will add a test candidate to your Greenhouse job.

Select Process Customization and click Process Preview. 

Click Save to save your integration into the database.

You’ll need to repeat this process with all processes on inhire that you want to bind with corresponding jobs in Greenhouse.

Additional resources

For additional information not covered here, reach out to or review the inhire setup guide in the inhire Help Center: How to integrate with inhire.