In Greenhouse Recruiting, interview plans are made up of stages and interviews. In this article, we'll cover renaming stages and interviews created for your organization.

For additional insights on creating and editing interview plans, visit our Interview plan overview.

Rename a stage

Note: The name of the interview stage is used in different reports, so creating many stage names may make reporting harder when looking at multiple jobs. For example, naming one stage "Face-to-face" and another stage "In person" may make it difficult to track candidates in reports.

Navigate to the Job Setup tab (Jobs > Job name > Job Setup).

Screenshot of Job Setup button.png

Select Interview Plan from the left panel.

Screenshot of Interview Plan.png

To rename any interview stage, click the Edit icon Edit-icon.png that appears when you hover over the stage name.


Select a stage name from the dropdown menu or type your own custom stage name into the field.

Screenshot of dropdown.png

Click Save.

Rename an interview

In Greenhouse Recruiting, interviews are meetings or assessments with the candidate. You can have multiple interviews in an interview stage.

To rename an interview, click the interview name, then type the new name into the field.

Screenshot of editing interview name.png

Click Save.