Permissions: Job Admin and above who can create, edit, and delete job posts

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Pay transparency rules are created by your Site Admin. When you select a rule during the job post configuration, then the required pay range fields appear.  

Note: Consult with your legal team if you have questions about local pay transparency laws and how it affects your organization.

Add pay transparency to a job post

Navigate to the Post Details section and select a rule(s) from the pay transparency dropdown. 

Key points to keep in mind:

  • The dropdown is unavailable if a rule hasn't been created yet
  • Rules pre-populate if your Site Admin configured the rule to auto-fill for this office. Click the X next to any rules that don't apply
  • Select N/A if pay transparency isn't required for this job post
  • Refer to the Troubleshooting guide if you receive an error once selecting a rule

Screenshot of the pay transparency dropdown.

Next, scroll down to the pay transparency section. The description and title are configured by the Site Admin and can't be modified on this page. 

Select the currency from the dropdown and enter a pay range. This information may be pre-filled if your Site Admin linked the rule to a custom field. 

Screenshot of the pay transparency section.

Navigate to the Post Description section and remove any pay details that were manually added as needed.

When done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click preview to see how the job post appears for candidates.

Click Save to finalize your changes.

Use pay transparency with the Job Board and/or Harvest API

Job Board API 

When using pay transparency rules, customers and partners utilizing the Greenhouse Recruiting Job Board API will need to confirm the query parameters pay_transparency and/or pay_input_ranges in the GET: Retrieve a job endpoint have been set to true to return pay transparency data.

If a job post has pay transparency rules enabled, you or your developer team can add the query parameters =true to the end of the endpoint above to confirm pay transparency data is returned.

If a job post contains an introduction and / or conclusion, the entire description (introduction, pay transparency, post description, and conclusion) will be combined and appear in the existing content field.

Harvest API

For customers and partners using Greenhouse Harvest API, the following four endpoints will return pay transparency:

To obtain pay transparency details, add the query parameter ?full_content=true to the end of the four endpoints above.

Adding this query parameter will return the entire description (introduction, job post, pay transparency, conclusion) in either the content field (for external posts) or the internal_content field (for internal posts).

Click here to read more about using Greenhouse Harvest API.

Troubleshooting guide

Rule synced to custom field with empty pay range

You'll receive an error message when you select a rule that's linked to a custom field with an empty pay range. Since your Site Admin marked this rule as uneditable on the job post, you'll need to update the pay range from the job itself. 

Note: The following troubleshooting can only be completed by Job Admins who can edit job info.

Follow these instructions to add a pay range to your job post:

  1. Open a new tab (to avoid losing your existing job post edits)
  2. Navigate to Greenhouse Recruiting > Job > Job Setup > Job Info or navigate to the job using your integration 
  3. Add the pay range to the custom field
  4. Save your changes
  5. Return to the job post tab from your browser
  6. Click the X next to the rule and re-select it from the dropdown
    The X icon on the pay transparency rules dropdown.

The pay range added to the job is now synced with the pay transparency rule on the job post. 

Finish completing the section, Add pay transparency to a job post.

Rule no longer syncs with updates to custom field values

When your Site Admin links the rule to a custom field, any updates to the custom field values also sync with the pay range on the job post.

However, the rule stops syncing with the custom field when you manually change the pay range on the job post.

Follow these steps to reset the link:

  1. Navigate to the job post
  2. Click the X next to the rule linked to the custom field and re-select it from the dropdown
    The X icon on the pay transparency rules dropdown.
  3. Save the job post

The connection between the rule and the custom field is now restored. 

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