Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with ContactOut allows you to find personal email addresses and direct dials for prospective candidates and easily sync them to Greenhouse Recruiting.

Configure the ContactOut integration

To configure the ContactOut integration, login to and select Integrations from the navigation bar on the left.

ContactOut integration image

Next, click Greenhouse and follow the steps to authenticate the integration.

Use the ContactOut integration

Add candidates to Greenhouse Recruiting

To use the ContactOut integration, navigate to a suitable candidate or search results page on LinkedIn.

Click the ContactOut Chrome extension.

Click Save Profile.

ContactOut integration image

On the Platform dropdown, select Greenhouse.

Choose the job on which to add the candidate, or choose to add the person as a prospect.

ContactOut integration image

When finished, click Save.

Additional resources

For troubleshooting or additional information not covered here, reach out to

You can also check out the ContactOut knowledgebase to learn more.