HeroHunt.ai is the talent search and engagement engine that helps you find one billion candidates worldwide and reach them at scale.

Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with HeroHunt.ai allows users to find and reach newly qualified candidates in HeroHunt.ai and save their profiles, including contact details, in Greenhouse.

After integrating, you can save any candidate and their information (name, headline, contact details, and more) in Greenhouse with one click of a button.

Configure the Greenhouse Recruiting / HeroHunt.ai integration

Connecting Greenhouse with HeroHunt.ai is easy. The only thing you need is your Greenhouse login credentials.

To begin, log in to HeroHunt.ai. We offer a free trial if you're not a user yet. 

Once logged in, go to integration settings in HeroHunt.ai.

Click the toggle for Greenhouse to enable the integration.

Screenshot of the ATS integration page.

The Greenhouse icon now appears on every profile in HeroHunt.ai.

Click the Greenhouse icon on any profile.

A pop-up appears asking you to authorize HeroHunt.ai to be integrated with Greenhouse.

Provide your Greenhouse login credentials and click Next Step.

Screenshot of the authorize page.

Add candidates to Greenhouse Recruiting

Once the integration is enabled and authorized you can save candidates and their information from HeroHunt.ai to Greenhouse.

Click the Greenhouse icon on any profile to add the candidate to Greenhouse Recruiting. 

Screenshot of the search page.

The following candidate information is imported into Greenhouse:

  • Name
  • Headline
  • Job title
  • Description
  • Email address(es)
  • Phone number(s)
  • Social media link(s)

Screenshot of the candidates page.

Use the HeroHunt.ai integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Most Herohunt.ai users are agency recruiters and in-house recruiters who want to find and engage hard-to-find talent quickly.

HeroHunt.ai users typically enjoy the integration with Greenhouse because they can use HeroHunt.ai to find prospects quickly, do initial outreach, and save the prospects to Greenhouse for further tracking. 

Additional resources

For additional information not covered here, reach out to info@herohunt.ai or reach out in the chatbot in the HeroHunt.ai app.