While Greenhouse offers over 400 official partner integrations, a custom integration is an integration that seeks to do something our standing integrations can't accomplish while still making use of Greenhouse's available APIs.

Custom integrations leverage our APIs to use or transform data in your organization's Greenhouse instance, resulting in candidate and job updates, custom take home tests, background checks, HRIS parity between platforms, and other powerful capabilities.

Create a custom integration

You can leverage one or a combination of Greenhouse APIs to post, update, and extract data in Greenhouse Recruiting or Greenhouse Onboarding, while Greenhouse web hooks can be used to integrate a third-party system based on real-time triggers or events such as candidate hires.

Combining API endpoints and web hooks can result in a powerful integration that responds to and syncs data in real-time.

Tip: Check out Greenhouse API overview for more information on our APIs.

When integrating your Greenhouse Recruiting instance with a third-party system, you'll need to cover a few basics.

  • You'll need a middleware platform such as Mulesoft, Boomi, or Workato to transpose data from the third-party into a format that can be understood by Greenhouse APIs.
  • You'll need a developer to build and maintain the adapter layer through the middleware platform.
  • You'll need a mapping schema to define how fields from the third-party application map to Greenhouse Recruiting.

With these necessities in hand, you can begin to build out your integration! There are a few ways to create a custom integration, from Greenhouse-inspired to Greenhouse-designed.

Fully custom-built integration

A fully custom-built integration is an integration that is designed, built, and maintained by your internal team. Common fully custom-built integrations include HRIS integrations and other system-parity integrations.

Third-party integration

With third-party integrations, the integration is built and maintained by a third-party integrator. Sometimes third-party integrators will offer design assistance with the integration, but this would be up to the statement of work that your team agrees on with the third-party integrator. Common third-party integrations include background check and assessment integrations, candidate offer integrations, and more.

Greenhouse Professional Services + a system integrator

If you want the best-in-class design for your custom integration, you can leverage Greenhouse's Professional Services to help design your custom integration. Greenhouse Professional Services ensure that best practices for Greenhouse Recruiting and your organization's hiring maturity are considered. The build of the integration would be completed either by an internal team member at your organization or by a third-party system integrator. Common Greenhouse Professional Services integrations include HRIS integrations.

Interested in learning more about Greenhouse Professional Services? Reach out to your Greenhouse Account Manager!