Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Individual goals are crucial to hiring efficiency as they drive accountability and promote a vision for individual contributors to attain. The individual goals over time report allows you to track progress on your individual goals.

View individual goals over time report

To create an individual goals over time report, click Reports on your dashboard's navigation bar.


On the Reports page, click Essential reports from the left panel.


Select Individual Goals Over Time from the Understand Goal and Attainment Metrics section.


The individual goals over time report will generate.


Use Filters and more to select the goal you'd like to report on.


If you have a goal of adding 10 candidates per week, you'd want to set the filters to the following to report on your progress:

  • Activity type: Candidates added
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • User filter: You

The individual goals time report will display the following information:

  • Actual (your performance)
  • Target (your goal)
  • Completion (attainment percentage towards your goal)

Individual goals over time report visualization

The individual goals over time report displays your target and actual individual goals attainment in a line chart.

Activity is displayed on the y-axis and the date is displayed on the x-axis. Your target value is represented by a dotted line on the y-axis.


You can hover over each point in the visualization for additional details.

This visualization will adjust each time you apply new filters from the Filters and more dropdown.

Apply report filters

Click Filters and more to apply filters and further refine your report.


The individual goals over time report can be filtered by the following:

  • Activity date
  • Activity type
  • Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Users

Click Apply to add your selected filters and adjust your report visualization.