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Greenhouse Recruiting

We are excited to introduce our new Greenhouse Recruiting add-on product: Sourcing Automation! Make sourcing your superpower by locating and engaging with top talent quickly and effectively. As an outbound sourcing solution, sourcing automation provides the following benefits:

  • Look up and retrieve accurate contact information for identified prospects
  • Bolster recruiter outreach through personalized and automated email campaigns
  • Track prospect engagement and centralize sourcing activities within Greenhouse Recruiting
  • Use robust reports to measure sourcing efficacy and talent pipeline health

Learn more about sourcing automation here!

Introducing our new Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension: The Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension is a browser plugin that allows your organization to add prospects to your Greenhouse CRM. For customers with a sourcing automation seat, the extension also retrieves accurate prospect contact information using multiple data sources and state-of-the-art algorithms.

Learn more about the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension here!

Bug fixes

We fixed an issue in which saved essential reports with custom date ranges displayed an error when a user's date format was changed.

We fixed an issue in which candidate quality by source reports with custom date ranges displayed an error when clicking into a candidate search.

We fixed an issue on Greenhouse Onboarding in which time zones were offset by one hour due to the effects of daylight saving time.